Frost Foundry is me, Matt Frost, or more as need be. I’ve designed key art for over 60 films, including one-sheets, DVD, and VOD releases, as well as Web sites, digital promotions, and custom fonts.

I’ve been hawking independent cinema for 25 years for the love of it. That’s me on the cover of The Village Voice in 1995, when I was manager at Cinema Village in NYC. Previously, I had directed several large-scale film festivals in Milwaukee after running the University theater. Having occupied many marketing and management roles, I get your bottom line, and my first priority is to get people to your movie, big and small screen. If I have to, I’ll use any means necessary to produce a key image: photography, illustration, spray paint, burn things, break things, get a goat, get a gun, or get messy in one way or another. I’m pleased to have worked with myriad audiences and perspectives over the years. Some of Hollywood’s best key art studios use me as a ghost designer. I’ve designed more posters than Saul Bass himself, and his aggregate Rotten Tomatoes score is 76%. Mine is 81%. Nonetheless, I keep my rates reasonable for the indies, because I live to serve the films I love. Let’s make a poster.

What else would you like to know? Ask me at matt@frostfoundry.com.