I’ve been creating effective, edgy, award-winning graphics in film, fashion, magazines, Web, fonts, and typography for over 20 years.

Independently, I’ve designed key art for over 50 films, including one-sheets, DVD, and VOD releases, as well as Web sites, digital promotions, and custom fonts. I’ve been hawking independent cinema in one way or another since 1992 — that’s me on the left at my first NYC job in 1995. I was manager at Cinema Village, and wound up on the cover of the Village Voice film special.

Although I’ve been eyes-deep in Photoshop and Illustrator every day for two decades, I’ll use any means necessary to produce a key image, photography, illustration, spray paint, burn things, break things, get a goat, get a gun, or get messy in one way or another. I love to go to the hardware store. Best of all, I keep my rates reasonable, because this world is competitive, and I am here to serve the films I love.

What else would you like to know? Ask me at matt@frostfoundry.com.