Steak (R)evolution poster

August 12, 2014 in Print/Key Art

One sheet for Franck Ribière’s celebratory food documentary Steak (R)evolution


Miriam Frost and I collaborated on the photography for this. I grilled it, she shot it. This is a 2.5 lb. grass-fed, humanely-raised ribeye from Conscious Carnivore in Madison, WI.

We shot in complete darkness using a 30 second exposure. It was “painted” in the dark with a pin light, moving all around it, then a couple of pops of a red bike light. There’s very little Photoshop here, it’s mostly in-camera. I just touched up some fat, arced the bone a little and reddened the wood. And gave it a nice hand-lettered title in chalk.

I highly recommend the film. At a time when so many food documentaries are shame-inducing exposés on factory farming and health trends, Steak Revolution is breath of fresh air, a celebration of quality food. It’s a travel doc full of culinary lessons — your beef cooking skills may double, as will your appetite for pricey beef. More info available from Kino Lorber.